Proudly manufactured in USA!


At AKAS, manufacturing and production is in USA, so the products you receive bear a proud “Made in USA” tag! Here we are always innovating, developing new AKAS products and aiding our customers with their own latest breakthroughs. We now provide a variety of lamination solutions and quality products for, among many others, the health and hospitality industry, the reusable diaper industry, the cleaning industry, safety apparel industry (firemen suits), military projects (Berry Amendment-compliant products), home furnishings, upholstery, etc. Our products are made in USA using lean management principles and are covered by the NAFTA.

Our Mission

To be the global leader in providing made-in-USA cost-effective lamination solutions and high quality green products at competitive prices while helping reduce our collective carbon footprint.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and stand behind it. All our raw materials are from US manufacturers and we do not compromise on quality during any part of the complex processes used to manufacture our products. We want to bring you the best in the market and nothing but the best.

Customer Service

Doing business has never been easier! All orders are given personal attention and if you’re facing a problem, we are here to help. For all your needs, whatever you need to chat about, we’ve made it real easy for you to get in touch with us. You can call us, email us, fax us, connect with us on Facebook.


At AKAS we understand how important privacy is and we’re committed to protecting yours. Customer identity, orders placed, products purchased, etc. are kept confidential. Any information collected by us is used solely in conjunction with your order to provide you the best service.


Whether you are developing a new product with us or you want to protect your product’s proprietary information, with AKAS all data and technical details are securely protected.  We are also open to signing confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements, as we have with several of our customers.