New Prints for 2015!

We are back with a fresh new set of prints that you’re going to love! You’ll notice that the majority of colors in the prints are Pantone’s choices for Spring 2015, such as Lucite Green, Strawberry Ice, Classic Blue, Tangerine—and we even have a Chevron print with Marsala Red, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015!

Take a look at the prints here and send in your orders ASAP. Quantities are very limited and the minimum is 50 yards/print.

Food-Safe Fabrics Part II: The Requirements

After a review of all the US Regulations that govern food and food packaging we concluded that the two most important factors for safe contact with food are the material or fiber of which the fabric is made - e.g. cotton, polyester etc., and the manufacturing process & adjuvants/additives used – e.g. oils used during knitting, dyes, softeners etc.

Both these factors have to be considered and both have to meet the following 5 basic requirements which can establish a fabric as safe for use with food:

The material must be listed in one of the 21 CFR Chapter 1 sections as safe for contact with food.
It must be made using substances that are considered acceptable i.e. can only be made using certain adjuvants, additives etc. that are listed in the CFRs as acceptable for use and even then only in reasonable amounts.
For a coated or film-laminated fabric, the coating or film [...]

It’s Here: 2014′s Collection II!

Surprise!  Another new set of prints will be ready to ship next week!!  You can find them up HERE; take a look and place your order. (don’t miss the ‘stache in the print featured here!)

Minimum order/print is 50 yards. 
25 yard rolls are also available; inquire for pricing. 


Food-Safe Fabrics: The Real Deal

In this time where we all see a shift towards natural products to ensure safety on all counts there is an ever-increasing need for awareness regarding safety of products containing any chemicals–because a lot of misinformation abounds. Companies and, subsequently, people selling those companies’ products are using wrong information to claim safety. Or, even worse, half the real information! Here we bring you some valuable knowledge regarding food-safe fabrics which may help you ask the right questions the next time you’re in the market for such products.

The fact is that basically any material that comes into contact with food should not impart any toxic or harmful chemicals to the food it touches. This applies to all the items that come into contact with food during preparation, processing, packaging and storage of food and even when consuming it.

Now, in USA, the United States Food and Drug Administration regulates all aspects [...]

New Vibrant Colors in AKASoft!

Welcome a late but beautiful Spring with bright, vivid colors of AKASoft:
A radiant Rich Orchid (inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014),
a bold reddish-orange Wild Tomato, and
a brilliant saturated yellow called Sungold.
They are available to ship immediately! Ask for a swatch or place your order (50 yd rolls).

New prints for 2014 are here!

After a long wait and many mails received inquiring about the next, fresh batch of prints, they’re finally arriving—and they’re colorful and abstract-ish and fun!

Take a look at the prints HERE and start placing your orders already!

Minimum order/print is 50 yards. 
25 yard rolls are also available; inquire for pricing. 


Thanksgiving Holiday

Our team at AKAS Textiles wishes you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving.

Please note that we are closed on November 28 and 29 for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is the last day of shipping before we close for the weekend.

Life in Color — NEW Prints Promo

We’re back with a new collection of prints in 1mil AKASoft PUL…but this time we have a little something extra for you:

Email us for pricing and more info!
Pre-orders are open for 3 weeks until Monday, October 28!

Our Latest Bestseller

The exclusive AKAS Elephant Toss print is now available in a well-known colorway that we call “Original”, the colors of the original print which was super popular! This one’s ready to ship, but we have limited quantities.

This print is on AKAS’ signature product, AKASoft (PUL): poly interlock laminated with a 1mil film. Pricing available via email.


AKAS’ Summer Shutdown

We will be closed from July 1-July 5, so please review your needs and place your orders with us accordingly.
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.