AKAS has added RF/ultrasonic/heat weldable fabrics to its growing range of products! The fabrics manufactured using our advanced lamination technology can be welded together by any of these methods. Heat-sealed fabric laminate can provide high-strength joints for demanding applications. This results in joints which are stronger than the base materials.

We offer AKASeal on various fabrics such as nylon oxford/light weight 70D ripstop/70D poly interlock, and also nylon oxford sandwich between weldable film. We can also offer this on a fabric of customer’s choice.

End uses include but are not limited to:

  • Body armor
  • Shower bags/swim bags (guaranteed not to leak)
  • Diaper bags
  • Air containment bags
  • Tent covers
  • Water containment bags
  • Medical kit bags
  • Badges

A very important application of AKASeal is in body armor:
To prevent the degradation of the Kevlar® in body armor, it needs to be encased in a hermetic air-tight joint which AKASeal™ offers. The waterproof layer passes the requirements of ASTM D 751 Procedure A for Alcohol, Seawater and Diesel. The AKASeal™ also does not allow moisture vapor transmission and it gives an MVTR value much below the NIJ requirements of below 100 per ASTM E-96 Procedure B.

AKAS also offers lamination on customer supplied Kevlar® with our unique AKASeal™ which when used in bulletproof vests reduces the risk of blunt trauma.