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CPSIA Certified

AKASealPro is a durable, soft, wipeable, washable, shrink-resistant, impermeable fabric. It has a durable 100% polyester knit face with a PVC coating that remains stable in stretch and recovery, and is supple and waterproof through multiple commercial washing cycles. The edges can be sealed using an impulse-sealer or even a hot iron. It can also be stitched to a non-wicking seam.

AKASealPro is knitted and coated in North American plants using a resin that is phthalate-free, with a natural gas based technology (the cleanest fuel).  The manufacturing follows strict health, safety, and environmental protocols (EPA, OSHA and Canadian equivalents) to ensure minimal impact on the environment, safe handling of chemicals, air quality and noise level controls and recycling of waste materials, where possible.

AKASealPro fabrics comply with North American chemical standards and are certified to the following standards:

  • Certified to be phthalate-free; contain no DnOP. DINP, DBP, DEHP, BBP,  DIDP.
  • Certified to be compliant with CPSIA phthalate limits.
  • Free from lead, latex, heavy metals, BPA
  • Do not contain any of the 38 chemicals listed in the REACH regulations. (reference EC 1907/2006, updated December 15, 2010).
  • Do not contain materials that exceed the exposure levels as defined by California Proposition 65.
  • Meet the European Directive 2005/84 and the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act.
  • Can be used to meet Oeko-Tex standards.
  • Made with materials that are listed as acceptable for food contact per FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.300 and 175.320

Most overseas PVC resin production is done using cheaper and antiquated coal-based technology which increases the carbon footprint, consumes a greater amount of energy, can utilize toxic mercury catalysts, and produces inferior barriers which cause leaks in the end product. In most cases, the plasticizers used are not phthalate-free. Lack of consistency in production may not produce a consistently compliant fabric. From all the samples of similar fabrics tested against AKASealPro 79% contained, lead, 83% contained heavy metals and 100% contained phthalates. This was true even for those which had certificates showing they were free of these chemicals.

AKASealPro meets duty, laundering, and material safety standards for use in medical and institutional products.

Content: 25% polyester/75% vinyl (proprietary formulation)

Weight: 7.25 oz/lyd

Width: White and colors – 36” and 72”; Black – 60”

Colors: Medical blue, Medical green, Apricot. Other colors possible on special order.

Proudly and responsibly manufactured in North America