AKAStiq Loop Fabric

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In-Stock Product

CPSIA Certified

AKAStiq™ is the 54″ wide hook-compatible loop fabric manufactured in USA that is fast becoming popular.

Its width makes it a real time-saver if you choose to die-cut your hook-and-loop tabs. It can be cut into any shape and size. Use of our AKAStiq reduces sharp edges since it is less stiff than tapes and gets softer with each wash. It is highly economical to use and provides greater flexibility for coverage and fit in all its applications compared to the regular 1″ or 2″ loop tapes that are usually used.
Features at a glance
  • 54″-wide
  • Compatible with all hook tapes
  • In-stock product
  • Easy to die-cut into any shape and size
  • CPSIA-compliant
  • Made in USA
  • NAFTA available
Uses & Applications
  • Diaper fasteners
  • Costumes
  • Adaptive clothing
  • Handbag/backpack/briefcase closures
  • Drapery pleats
  • Attach upholstery
  • Hold carpets in place

AKAStiq is available in optic white (off the shelf) and black. It can also be dyed in specific colors.

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All our raw materials are from U.S. manufacturers and our product is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.