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CPSIA Certified

Snap-Aid is a reinforcement mesh made of 100% polyester with a box size of 1/16th inch.

This is available in 56” width and has a “firm hand” due to an acrylic finish, the kind that is applied in framing.

Since the stiffness of this mesh helps to stabilize and add more body to a fabric, it has several very useful applications which include providing shape to bags, reinforcement to light weight fabrics, backing for upholstery fabrics, lining of caps/hats, in-between layers for gloves, and as a lining fabric in various other applications.

Its most popular use is as backing for snaps as it helps reinforce the fabric holding them.

Other applications include:

    • Reinforcement to light fabrics
    • Backing for upholstery fabrics
    • Lining for caps & hats
    • Lining for various other light-weight fabrics.

Snap-Aid is made in USA and is Berry amendment-compliant.

Available off the shelf in: Optic White and Raven Black.