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CPSIA Certified

Zorb® is an absorbent interlining material made with an optimal combination of hydrophobic (wicking) fibers and hydrophilic (absorbent) fibers. It contains tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscoseother fibers and poly microfiber.  These hypoallergenic fibers are durable and easy to sanitize. Zorb works by trapping the moisture in its voids. The natural fibers then swell and hold the fluid and the voids become empty again allowing it to trap more. 

  • Super absorbent
  • Wicking
  • Soft
  • CPSIA-compliant
  • Lead-free
  • BPA-free
  • Withstands >200 commercial washes
  • Made in USA
  • NAFTA Available
  • Weight: 7 oz/sq.yd or 215 GSM
  • Width: 30″/45″/60″
  • Absorbency: 72 oz/sq. yard
  • Content: An optimum blend of cellulosic fibers from cotton/tencel/bamboo/other interspersed with polyester nylon

ZORB, with a weight of 7 oz./sq. yd., absorbs 10x its weight in less than half a second—that’s 20x faster than cotton, bamboo, or hemp. 

Soaker layers are generally built of 3 to 8 layers resulting in a thick wad of fabric. Zorb was developed with the goal of reducing the thickness of the absorbent part of a diaper and minimizing the number of layers needed. Even though Zorb is thicker, one uses far fewer layers which makes the diaper trimmer. Requiring fewer layers also reduces the cost and the cut/sew time. Zorb helps prevent the problem of compression leak-off which occurs when a fabric reaches saturation and cannot distribute moisture from the ‘squish’ area to other parts of the absorbent web.

For a head-to-head comparison on the thickness, stacking the Zorb on a desk against commonly used fabrics will show that 1 layer of the Zorb is the same as:

  • 3 layers of flannel
  • 2.25 layers of French terry
  • 1.3 layers of cotton fleece
  • 1 layer of Sherpa.

To accomplish the same absorbency as 2 layers of Zorb the following will be needed:

  • 8 layers of flannel
  • 6 layers of French terry
  • 5 layers of cotton fleece
  • 4 layers of Sherpa

Care: Wash HOT, dry HOT, Bleach OK, no fabric softener. DO NOT PREWASH