AKAS provides different foam lamination options for customers. Regardless of the type and thickness of foam, we can laminate it with your choice of fabric.

In addition, we also provide the following :

  • Tricot backing
  • Brush tricot backing
  • Hook-compatible tricot backing

Foam Lamination

What is foam lamination?

This is basically a commercial-grade foam laminated onto customer-supplied fabric.

Foam Lamination Process

Foam lamination is a process by which we provide our customers with the option to laminate foam with fabric (or film). Our foam lamination process uses the (tried & tested) flame lamination method, which bonds the foam & fabric/film by passing the foam over an open flame. This results in the creation of a thin layer of hot polymer which is then used as an adhesive to bond the foam to fabric/film. The resulting bonding between the foam and fabric/film is very strong and durable.

Uses of foam backing

Foam lamination helps change the acoustics of a room and encourages performance of the fabric as a sound barrier. This is possible because it adds density and stability to the fabric while maintaining its original quality. One major application is in sound proofing upholstered wall track systems.

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