Polyurethane Lamination

AKAS specializes in the manufacture and supply of:

    • Polyurethane laminated polyester interlock (PUL fabric)
    • Polyurethane laminated poly/cotton terry fabrics and cotton sheeting
    • Breathable polyurethane laminated linen/cotton fabrics for raincoats and active wear
    • Ultrasonic/Heat/RF weldable polyurethane laminate on nylon/polyester fabrics for body armor vests

We also laminate different types of customer-supplied fabric such as polyester interlock, cotton, spandex, recycled fabrics, etc.

Polyurethane Lamination

What is polyurethane film lamination?
This is a lamination service wherein we laminate customer-supplied fabric with the desired polyurethane film.


What is PUL fabric?
Polyurethane laminated (PUL) fabric is a highly waterproof product created by laminating fabric with a layer of polyurethane film by adhesive heat lamination. In addition, polyurethane laminate (PUL) is thin, lightweight, & durable. Our laminate, AKASoft, is able to withstand at least 200 laundry cycles.


A Greener World
Initially created for medical use (hospital equipment), PUL has a wide range of uses including cloth diapers (reusable diapers, wet diapers), waterproof bags, camping gear, and so much more! The greatest advantage of using PUL is its reusability. Most reusable fabric products you see out there are made with PUL, contributing to the eco-friendly lifestyle that our planet needs and we are all striving for.

All our raw materials are from U.S. manufacturers and our product is proudly manufactured in USA.

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